Stare stare stare… tap…pinch that a**

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twobeers said: You're back!!! Three cheers for you, darling! Hip hip hooray!

Thanks dear :)


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WGM: And we’re filming, back to your positions please

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Taemin moves closer to castmate, while Minho caresses his thigh

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Ahh! WGM still not changing camera angles fast enough

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Key, you know Taemin is as territorial as Minho. He doesn’t like it when you touch his man

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He really does not like it

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kpopsexualgaytension said: Hii :D love your page pliis continue doing post!! :D You re doing a geat job, dont stop :) (sorry for my bad english :( ( im from Argentina xD) Kisess <3

Thanks dear, I have been thinking about stopping for a while, but I always find my way back. I’ll try my best.

One thing’s for sure though, I will never stop loving 2min

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We are perfect together

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Perfect Together

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They are Perfect Together

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Playful 2min ((┌|o^▽^o|┘))♪

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Taemin smiling brightly while Minho approaches him and then lowering his head for Minho to put the hat on him..

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Anonymous said: where have you been?? I really really miss your 2min posts~ especially the long one~

I’m still in “self exile”, I miss making 2min posts including the long posts. I’ll be back soon, please wait for me :)

Till then here’s some cute 2min in screencaps :)

What’s the difference between the 2min’s helicopter and the backup dancer helicopter? Minho grabs all of Tae’s waist…. really like he just grabs it like uhhhhh…. while backup dancer grabs mostly jacket


And of course Taemin’s smile :)


See you soon


Screencap credit: pnoonanoona

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A defeated Minho seeks and gets Taemin’s comfort

Vcr: Lovely Onew

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Still in “self exile”, will be back soon, will answer all mail then, a thousand apologies

Here’s a gif to make you smile :D


Onew: Mhh yeah

Jonghyun: OUUUUUU

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SHINee Special MC SBS Inkigayo 10-13-2013

"Because looking at you makes me feel good," Taemin (JAT 2013)

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Somebody played a sick joke, it is not real. I am so sorry to you guys, all my followers and everyone in the 2min/Taeminho tag.

I am so upset right now, especially with myself. I feel like I am going crazy, I feel like… I have finally broken.

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